Jogging Stroller Beach Sightings


Relaxing at our local beach I have noticed an increase in the number of parents, mostly mothers in this case, that have invested in jogging strollers for their children. As I watch them it seems like a wonderful activity for both adults and kids alike. The little ones get to chill out in a shaded stroller with large wheels that seem to provide a really comfortable ride on the boardwalk, while the parents get to enjoy the sunny outdoors, exercising, and not spending money for a baby sitter. It is truly a great family endeavour.

So while it may seem like working out may not be all that relaxing, jogging can provide numerous health benefits that may help us ease our mind a bit as we get older. Jogging strollers are a great piece of equipment for any new parent that likes to get outdoors and run, while protecting their children at the same time. Below are just a couple examples of some of the top baby strollers for runners currently on the market.

Jeep Adventure Jogging Stroller

These feature the popular Jeep name, but they are high quality strollers made by Kolcraft. These are as rugged and their automotive counterparts and this Jeep jogging stroller features rugged tires that fill with air, adjustable handle bar, plenty of storage and bottle and cup holders, and an Ibaby sound system. The last feature lets you hook up a portable mp3 player to the stroller and it lets both the runner and the passenger enjoy some music during the journey. This is a great stroller for serious runners and it worth considering for anyone in the market for a high end piece of equipment.

BOB Revolution SE

This is perhaps the best selling baby stroller for joggers currently being sold. Owner ratings for this model are quite high and it is both versatile and convient to use. It has all the features one could want built into a lightweight frame for easy storage and transport. Highly recommended.

Tips for Running at the Beach

Don’t let hot summer weather interfere with your running routine. Even though the thermometer is climbing, you don’t have to give up your runs. But you do need to take some precautions to keep yourself safe when running outdoors in hot weather.


Don’t go running during the heat of the day. Run at cooler times. First thing in the morning is ideal. The day will only get hotter from there. Get yourself out of bed earlier so you can get your run out of the way. You can also wait until late evening when the temperature starts to drop again. Avoid midday runs when the temperature reaches its peak and the sun is intense.


The clothing you choose is another factor in staying healthy when running in the heat. Choose lightweight, light-colored fabric that is loose fitting to help your body stay cool. Synthetic fabrics are better at drawing the sweat away from your body. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen when you get dressed for your run. A pair of sunglasses can protect your eyes, and a hat protects your head from the sun.


Water is key to staying healthy and feeling good on a summer run. But don’t wait until you start your run to hydrate. Drink water throughout the day so your body is hydrated anyway. Bring along a bottle of water on the run unless your route gives you access to water fountains. You can also use the water to cool your body by squirting some of it on your head while running.

Ease Up

When the heat is intense, you may need to scale back your run. Don’t push yourself too hard, or you might overdo it. If the heat and humidity feel overwhelming, ease up your pace a little. It’s better to have an easier run than to overdo it and end up in the hospital with a heat-related illness.

Monitor Yourself

Watch for signs that your body isn’t handling the heat well. Dizziness, nausea, chills, confusion, no longer sweating and other unusual sensations could be a sign of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. If you notice yourself feeling different than normal, find a cool place and hydrate. Seek medical attention.

Running can be extremely beneficial, but the key is to not over do it. The kids will have more fun if Mom and Dad do not need emergency help. Have fun, stay fit, and let the entire family enjoy what a jogging stroller can provide.

Healthy Juicing with Beets


Beetroot is nature’s gift to better health. It is not only rich in potassium and vitamin C, but it is also packed with anti-carcinogens. They are magic micro-nutrients which can treat and help to prevent cancer.

Beetroot juice makes an excellent tonic for anybody recovering from an illness. It is one of nature’s richest sources of vitamins and minerals. The humble beetroot is one of the few vegetables which can treat a range of health problems. Anyone suffering from an inflammatory disease should try adding a glass of beetroot juice to their daily diet.

Juicing for the Heart

A heart healthy beetroot recipe:

1 Red apple
1 Beetroot
2 Sticks of celery

Unless you are using an organically grown beetroot, it might be a good idea to peel it. Wash your apple and vegetables and put them through your juicer.

This juice mixture should be drunk before breakfast, or you can refrigerate and drink a little before every meal.

This recipe will help to both cleanse the blood and support heart function. Pectin in the apple reduces arterial inflammation, and celery is known to lower blood pressure

People who suffer from heart disease often have elevated levels of cholesterol. Folate, or folic acid, does not only support the heart, but it also helps our blood to deal with fats. Cholesterol is a type of fat which is deposited on the arterial walls, and can eventually lead to heart attacks.

As beetroots are very rich in folate, the juice of one beetroot can be just as effective as taking a statin. The folate gently removes undesirable fats from the blood stream without causing any harm. Statin medication is associated with liver problems and diabetes.

Potassium is also one of the active ingredients in beetroots. It helps to support liver function, but more than anything it helps to maintain a normal heart beat. All modern heart drugs contain potassium.

Juicing for the Prostate

Keep your prostate healthy with this recipe;

1 Beetroot
2 Tomatoes
4 Broccoli florets

Prostate problems are very common. A prostate problem is indicated by a raised PSA level, but that does not mean you have prostate cancer. It can also indicate inflammation of the prostrate or a urinary tract infection.

All red fruit and vegetables contain betacyanin. This is what makes the fruit or vegetable develop a red color. Beetroots are richer in betacyanin than any other fruit or vegetable. Scientists now know that that this color pigment is not only highly anti-carcinogenic, but it also helps to fight inflammation.

The prostrate is a gland and when it becomes inflamed other problems such as cancer can develop. The betacyanin in beetroots will not only help to reduce inflammation, but it will also support healthy cell growth.

Tomatoes are rich in lycopene. This is a micro nutrient which is known to promote good prostrate health. Broccoli is packed with bioflavonoids and antioxidants which are both recognized as cancer fighting compounds.

The best way to use this juice remedy is to drink it before breakfast in the morning. Remember to peel the beetroot if necessary and wash the other ingredients.

Despite a lot of information to the contrary, we still ignore the health benefits of many fruits and vegetables. Beetroots are both easy to grow and cheap to buy. They are one of the best vegetables we can use to help to boost and improve our health.

Getting Into Juicing

Juicing is a great way to not only provide your health with a tremendous boost, but also create an infinite amount of cool drinks to help you relax.  We always love to break out the juicer on those warm morning to help us start off the day right.  We highly suggest getting a juice extractor for your own kitchen so that you too can start taking advantage of everything that fresh fruit and vegetable juice can do for you.  You can use sites like, click here to visit, as a great starting off point.  They have juicing recipes, juicer reviews, nutritional information and some more useful tidbits for anyone wanting to start juicing.

Having a juicer can really transform your life.  It is a great way to boost energy, undo bad eating habits, and it is a convenient way to get all the nutrients that your body needs to feel good and perform.  Yes, we are juicing advocates, but only because we have experienced first hand what it can do. For a better understanding of all of the benefits that getting a juicer can provide you, check out the informative video below.

Comfort Food Toaster Oven Recipes

DCF 1.0Now one small kitchen appliance that you may not expect to find in a high end restaurant kitchen are toaster ovens. There are however quite a few occasions when one of these machines can come in quite handy in a fast paced food prep area. If you do not own one of these then you may be missing out on an opportunity to make quick and delicious meals in half the time and with a fraction of the energy costs of a full sized cooking oven. Before buying one of these small appliances for your kitchen you can check out current toaster oven reviews to see which models are the best on the market.  Here are just a few examples of some of the things that you could be doing with one of these countertop ovens. They certainly can do a lot more than just make toast.

Fast and Simple Toaster Oven Recipes

My personal favorite toaster oven recipe is the good ol’ tortilla chip sandwiches. Many toaster ovens have a little pan that can be placed right onto one of the racks. Pull this out and spray it down with some cooking oil. Place a tortilla chip on the pan and load it up with your favorite taco toppings. I like to plop some refried beans and spicy tomato salsa on top. Then, just as a finishing touch, I carefully add a few jalapeno peppers. Once you’re satisfied with your filling, squash another tortilla chip over top of everything. Make as many of these sandwiches as you can fit on the pan and then throw it in your toaster oven. Set the temperature to about 350 and only keep them in long enough to heat everything up.


While we’re on the subject of sandwiches, let’s talk about s’mores! That’s right, you can even make a few s’mores in your toaster oven as a delicious dessert. Or, in my case, a reward for a nice, long run. Assemble your s’mores just as you would as you stand over a campfire. Just make sure you leave the top graham cracker off for now. Toast those puppies up until the marshmallows develop a brilliant golden brown color. Then top it off with your final cracker and chow down!

Say Cheese

S’mores are just one example of toaster oven twist on a classic. Did you know you can even make grilled cheese sandwiches in your little oven-toaster hybrid? Just pretend you’re cooking up some of that cheesy goodness on the oven top, just throw it in your mini version instead. Make sure you pay close attention to where the heat is concentrated, however, or else you may get some strange toasting.

Let’s Go Nuts

Let’s get off this sandwich trip and delve into something more creative. For those of you who love toasted nuts, a toaster oven has you handled in a quarter of the time it takes to make these healthy treats in a normal oven. Experimentation is key here but I do suggest you try out a recipe with a special chocolate twist. Lay a baking liner on your pan and spread some unsalted, raw cashews on the pan in a single layer. Let that toast up for about eight minutes at a temperature of 350. Meanwhile, mix up cocoa powder, powdered sugar and just a touch of salt in a large bowl. While the nuts are still nice and warm, dump them in your mixture and toss them about. These will keep for about a week.

Something Smells Fishy

Who says you can’t go a little gourmet with a toaster oven? This next recipe will prove those nay-sayers wrong! How does some glazed salmon sound? Get your salmon marinated in a mixture of miso, sake (which is a type of Japanese wine), soy sauce, oil and sugar for a minimum of a half hour. Once the salmon is nice and flavored, crank up your toaster oven’s broiler to high. Cover the pan with aluminum foil, rub the extra marinade off the salmon and place that fish right on the foil. Broil for about five minutes are until the top is beautifully charred.

Let’s Do A Little Italian Food

I’ve got one more recipe for you. This is sure to be a hit for you and the whole family. I know this because I lived off this particular recipe when I was a kid. Grab some bagels and rip them apart. Spray down your toaster oven pan and plop the bagel halves on top, flat side up. Grab some tomato sauce and spread it evenly over the bread. Then sprinkle a bit (or a lot) of cheese on the sauce. You can even throw parmesan cheese on there for some added flavor. Finish it off with your favorite pizza toppings: pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers or (in my case) some jalapeno peppers. Plop your creation in the toaster oven until the cheese is melted and everything is nice and cozy warm.

There you have it! Once you’ve finished making all these recipes in your nifty toaster oven, you and that strange mini oven will have developed a special bond. One of the models that we recommend is the Breville BOV800XL, it is a full powered smart oven that can handle a whole host of cooking chores.  For another great recipe that you can use to cook a delicious meal in your toaster oven, check out this fantastic video below.

Ice Cream Maker Magic

ice-cream-maker-reviewsWhether it is just a special occasion or a family meal, a smooth, creamy, luscious homemade ice cream is a great way to indulge. There are so many  ice cream recipes to choose from, that not having your very own ice cream maker is a missed opportunity to enjoy one of life’s great treats. Not only is it convenient, but it is a terrific way to bring the family together to work on something fun and delicious.

Today’s best ice cream makers are relatively inexpensive, and if you often eat a lot of ice cream, the machine is certain to pay for itself in no time with the money you save by no longer buying brand name ice cream. They also can make more than just ice cream and can make gelato, frozen yogurt, sherbert and other frozen delights. Discover what you have been missing and look into getting a machine for your kitchen.

Homemade Ice Cream Recipes

Below are a few more examples of what you can do with one of these appliances in the comfort of your own home. When you have control of the entire process, you can let your imagination go free and you can experiment with an endless amount of flavor combinations.

Butter Pecan Ice Cream

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Ready in: 2 hours 5 minutes


• 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
• 1/2 cup of heavy cream
• 1 1/2 cups of cream
• 2 beaten eggs
• 1 cup of brown sugar
• 1 tablespoon of butter
• 1/3 cup of chopped pecans


1. Add butter together with pecans to a small skillet and cook over medium heat until the pecans become lightly brown and fragrant. As you cook, stir pecans constantly for about 3 to 5 minutes. Set aside

2. In a mixing bowl, whisk the provided eggs and set them aside. Combine the cream together with the brown sugar in a saucepan and mix well. Bring the saucepan to a boil in a medium heat and remove from heat. Pour the hot cream-sugar mixture into the eggs and whisk constantly. Return the egg mixture to a saucepan and cook. Keep on stirring until the mixture coats the stirring spoon. Remove from heat and stir in pecans and vanilla.

3. Pour the mixture into ice cream maker machine and freeze as directed by the manufacturer.

Easy Chocolate

Preparation time: 20 minutes
Ready in: 6 hours 20 minutes


• 2 cups of heavy cream
• 2/3 cup of chocolate syrup
• 14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk


1. Line a loaf pan with an aluminium foil.

2. Stir together the chocolate syrup and condensed milk in a large bowl until the color is even.

3. Whip cream in a separate bowl until stiff peaks form. Pour the prepared cream into the chocolate mixture.

4. In a cream maker, pour the cream-chocolate mixture and freeze for 6 hours.

Cake Butter Ice Cream

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Ready in: 4 hours 5 minutes


• 3/4 cup of white cake mix, sifted
• 2 cups of heavy whipping cream
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
• 2 beaten egg yolks
• 1/2 cup of white sugar
• 1 cup of milk


1. In a saucepan, whisk together the provided cake mix, cream, vanilla, egg yolks, sugar and milk until well blended. Put the mixture over medium heat and cook until the mixture reaches a temperature of 70 degree C while stirring frequently. Remove the mixture from heat and freeze until liquid cold.

2. Remove the chilled mixture from the refrigerator and pour into the home ice cream maker machine. Freeze according to the manufacturer instructions until soft. Remove the ice cream from the ice cream maker and transfer to a refrigerator. Allow the ice cream to ripen for 2 hours or overnight.

Vanilla Ice Cream IV

Preparation time: 50 minutes
Ready in: 50 minutes


• 4 cups of milk
• 3 ounces of instant vanilla pudding mix
• 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract
• 1 1/2 cups of white sugar
• 14 ounces of sweetened condensed milk
• 1/2 pint of heavy cream
• 12 ounces of evaporated milk
• 5 eggs


1. Beat together using an electric mixer the provided eggs, vanilla, sugar, condensed milk, cream and evaporated milk in a large bowl. Add pudding mix and beat until smooth.

2. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker machine and add enough milk.

3. Freeze the ice cream according to the manufacturer directions.

Simple Juicing Recipes For Your New Juicer

recipes for your brand new juicerFruit or vegetable juice provides the body with the fuels needed for keeping a person active, energetic and cheerful. Furthermore, it only takes about 20-30 minutes to make any variety and as such everyone is encouraged to prepare their own fruit or vegetable juice at home rather than buying from the store.   If you have read through all the juicer reviews looking for the top juice extractors and have finally decided to get one, then you should be ready to give it a good work out with the juicing recipes below.

Home-made juice is much healthier than processed as the latter normally comes with extra additives and fillers that can have some harmful effects to the body. Therefore, if you want to stay safe and healthy, sticking to home-made juice is the key. Here are some new and simple juicing recipes you can follow;

Carrot, Golden Beet and Orange Juice Recipe

Vegetable juice recipes are increasingly growing popular due to the fact that they have cleansing effects. Carrot, Golden Beet and Orange juice can be enjoyed as a healthy drink. It cleanses the digestive system since it is rich in dietary fiber. The other benefit of taking the juice is, it makes one feel full for the better part of the day hence helpful for those that wish to control their eating habits for weight loss.


1)1/2 inch fresh ginger.
2)2 golden beets.
4)4 cara cara navels.
5)1/2 cup water.
6)3 tablespoons sugar.


1) Thoroughly wash all the ingredients.
2) Peel ginger, carrots, beets and cara cara navels then place in juicer.
3) Turn the control knobs to set the juicer and blend for about 30 seconds before stopping to add water.
4) Repeat the same procedure until the ingredients are fully blended to fair thickness.
5) Transfer to a sizable jug and put in the refrigerator until cold.
6) Serve in cups.

Carrot Lemonade Juice

Carrot lemonade juice tastes refreshingly good and it only requires a few ingredients to make. It also makes a good base to experiment with especially for beginners. Each ingredient in this recipe blends well with almost any other ingredient so the chances of messing up are almost nil.


1)1 lemon (peeled).
2)1 carrot.
3)1 apple with seeds and core removed.


1) Wash the lemon, carrot and apple thoroughly.
2) After thoroughly washing them, place in a juicer.
3) Turn the control knobs to set the juicer and juice for about 30 seconds before stopping to dilute with water.
4) Repeat the same procedure until the mixture is blended well and to fair thickness.
5) Transfer into a sizable jug and store in the refrigerator until cold.
6) Serve in cups.

Strawberry Banana Juice

This refreshingly tasty juice is made of a yummy blend of fresh strawberries, lime, ripe bananas and honey. This juice is easy to make and the ingredients readily available.


1)2 chopped bananas.
2)1/3 teaspoon lime juice.
3)1 cup chopped ripe strawberries.
4)2 whole strawberries with leafs. These will be used for garnishing.
5)1-1/2 tablespoons sugar or honey (honey preferable).
6)2 cups cold water.


1) Place banana chunks and adequate strawberry pieces in blender. Leave a few pieces of strawberry for garnishing.
2) Add 1 cup water, lime juice and honey then blend until perfectly smooth.
3) Add the remainder of the water and blend again for half a minute.
4) Transfer to a jug and store in the refrigerator until cold.
5) Pour in cups.
6) Arrange the remaining strawberries on every glass rim and serve.

NB: If you want a thick strawberry banana juice, use only a cup of water whereas if you need a light one, three cups water are necessary but thick is preferable.

Spinach Apple Juice

This juice tastes good and is loaded with calcium for healthy bones, vitamin A and C which act as antioxidants to reduce aging. Spinach apple juice is easy to make and requires only a few ingredients to prepare.


1)2 large stalks celery.
2)1 piece fresh ginger (peeled).
3) Ice.
4)1/2 piece grapefruit (peeled with white core removed).
5)1/2 cups spinach.
6)2 green apples (sliced).


1) Place all the ingredients in the juicer and blend until perfectly smooth.
2) Fill 2 cups with ice and pour juice in the cups then serve immediately.

Just Juice It

Juicing is a great way to treat yourself to something cool and healthy, the best of both worlds.  If you don’t have a juicer yet for your kitchen, then what are you waiting for.  Any of the recipes above will come out great with either a centrifugal or a masticating type juicer.  We prefer Omega juicing machines as they have performed well for us over the years, but that is more of a personal preference.  There are a number of quality juicers that you could use in a wide range of features and price points.  The bottom line is that there is no better time to start juicing than right now.

Want yet another recipe? Here is a quick and simple way to make a green juice.